Certified Test Technician Course 3 wheeler/4wheeler is started in ITI jointly with Piaggiao Vehicle PVT. Ltd.,Baramati. The duration of the course is 14 months. Two months in ITI and next 12 month in Piaggio company, where they will get learning as well as permanent Licence for 3w/4w from ITI .The students should be 10th pass and he should be minimum 20 years old and maximum 25 years old. Rs.4000/- as stipend will be given to each student.


We have a well equipped well furnished computer lab. We have 10 latest technology computers. Lab is used for conducting short term course like Auto Cad , also used for teaching IT Literacy subject. 2 Laser printers are available to print the document. For giving different presentations for staff and students LCD Projector is attached to the computer.


The main aid of this scheme is to use the students ability to make useful products by using the available raw material, machinery, tools when undergoing their training at the ITI According to the need of the Customer the ITI undertakes jobs like OHP, Inverter, U.P.C., Window A/c, Split A/c, Fabrication work, domestic & Industrial wiring, repairing of domestic appliances, making spare parts required for industrial production, all types of painting work etc. and sell them. As the students gets lots of practical knowledge the confidence level in them is boosted, They get the happiness of making something on their own new skills are developed in them. They get actual working experience while working in the company. While using the technical skills the confidence level inside the trainees is developed. The main aim of “Earning while Learning” is taken care of & the trainees get paid according to government scheme & also they get Certificates for the same.


Maximum use of measuring instruments is done in the industries. The trainees are taught how to use these instruments, how the job is measured , the actual method to use is given to them in PIR. The different trades in ITI such as Fitter, Turner, Machinist, Grinder, Tool & Die Makers ( jigs & Fixtures ) etc. allow their trainees to practice & handle carefully such instruments. In case if such an instruments has got some faults if it is used the whole lot of the job gets rejected then losses can occur. Due to which the instrument becomes waste. To avoid such problems the trainees are taught to take proper precautions regarding the maintenance of such instruments repairing & calibration of such instruments are taught to the best of their knowledge taking into consideration the ITI has started calibration & maintenance of instrument course to avoid such consequences.

Each & every worker has to be perfect while handling Such instruments. In this calibration course measuring instruments such as vernier caliper, micrometer, snap gauge, plug gauge, plunger dial gauge, bore gauge, lever dial gauge, vernier height gauge, pressure gauge etc. are taken care of & also the process of calibration is given.


Accidents can occur while working in a workshop for that different independent First aid has been provided by the ITI First Aid Training has been given to two of our Instructors by St. John Ambulance, Mumbai.


Information regarding industrial production, Industrial Instruments & Equipments, advanced machinery, safety & security information is given to the trainees from each trade in ITI through Audio visual Aids. Accordingly use of Over Head Projector ( OHP ) to show different diagrams use of transparencies is done Because of which technical knowledge of the trainees increases.


The industry has started accepting changes. Advanced technical knowledge is been used now a days. The machine has been operated with help of Computer. Taking into Consideration the ITI has started Conducting Courses like CNC/VMC for the admitted trainees to get the technical knowledge about the operating system of the machine. For this specific course trainees from different trades like Fitter, Turner, Machinist, Grinder, Tool & Die Makers ( Jigs & Fixtures ), Electrician are undergoing courses to improve their multi skill knowledge. Also the outside students can undergo this particular course.


Engineering drawing is the language used by the workers in factories, Using these drawings different kinds of jobs are done in machine shop. In the past all the machines work was done manually but in today’s modern era the machine work in done with the help of computer. The control programme of the machine is based on a particular code & for some is based on drawing . How the end job will look is taught in Auto Cad keeping in mind the need of such courses the ITI has started, Auto Cad courses for the trainees in various trades in ITI. Also 2D, 3D, Drawings on computer, feeding etc are taught to them.


To give the country proper knowledgeable skilled workers, to give training to students from ITI the government has started various schemes.

Our ITI has been chosen as the vocational Training Provider ( VTP ) for the above mentioned Scheme We have started 41 new short term courses for different Sectors. A new syllabus has been done for this. The main aim of this scheme is to measure the skills in wokers, to provide technical skilled workers, to use the base of ITI for the students/ Workers who have left schools to give them proper training to become a skilled employee. In our ITI to achieve the aim we have provided various modular syllabus for different sectors. The training is given to students from different sectors like Production & manufacturing, Refrigeration & A/c Electrical, Fabrication, Information & Communication technology etc.


Different technical skills are developed by students while working in different trades To achieve more skills the students are given a particular project/model to be done with the help of their instructor. Students from different trades namely Electricians, Diesel Mechanic, Turner, Machinist, Electronics Mechanics etc made projects namely electromagnet, transformer model, wind mill, electrical project, mini bike, water cooling system in engine, two four Wheeler lighting system, sugar cane machine, various jobs, cycle, overhead project exhibition. Proper guidance at proper time is given to the student for making their project successful by principal. Vice principal, Instructors, Group instructors. The students are awarded with certificates from ITI for their projects. There projects are show cased in the model room of ITI.