Stimulator Room Opening

Driver training school for commercial vehicle starts at AISSM’s ITI, Boribhadak, With Fleetgaurd ‘s Filters Pvt.Ltd. Nandur.

Driver training school for commercial vehicles is inaugurated by Mr. Pisharody, Excutive Director (CVBU) Tata Motors Ltd. On the occasion Mr. Sadashiv Pandit, Excutive Chairman, of Fleetgaurd Filters Pvt.Ltd. Nanduar, Capt. Shivajirao Mahadkar, Hon. Secertary, Mr. Dilip Umbarkar, Hon.Tresurer, AISSMS,Pune-5. & Mr. S.P. Joshi from Tata Motors Pvt. Ltd. Pune are present .

This is the first ITI all acrossed the Country who has started this initiative Fleetgaurd has donated a heavy commercial vehicle & Driving Simulator to ITI, Boribhadak. Driving Simulator has been use to trained pilot in India. Students will be trained on driving simulator first and thereafter they will have the vehicle in their hand. A trainer will execute them about safty on road & fuel efficiency of vehicle. The students will also be trainied as mechanics.

By this initiative Fleetgaurd & ITI are trying to address the issue of rural youth unemployment. who will be trained as driver & Mechanics will get a job in India. There is a shorteges of trained drivers & in the next few years numbers of vehicles on road will be increased but numbers of drivers will remain same.

Mr. Pisharody, Excutive Director (CVBU) Tata Motors Ltd. , said that it is good initiative from the point of view of road safty & rural unemployment. Mr. Pisharody, has also seen various projects made by ITI students. They will congreted ITI students & staff’s.

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